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Fire destroys 2500 bales

Baldur and Glenora Fire Departments woke up to their pagers at 5:45 a.m. on Thursday, February 11 and headed to a structure fire on the farm site of Kyle and Larissa Curtis’ located approximately 8 miles southwest of Glenboro, in the R.M. of Argyle. Upon arrival, the bale shed which held approximately 2,500 large square bales, mostly alfalfa, a tractor and a silage wagon was totally engulfed. With the assistance of four loaders, the fire department was able to contain the damage to this area, saving several hundreds of bales located nearby. The fire department members took turns and remained on scene for three days letting the large bales burn themselves out as they were very hard to extinguish, especially with windchills reaching -52C at times.


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