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Skyler Pearson recognized for his volunteer efforts

by Gayle Johnson

Volunteers are the backbone of so many of our community activities and without them, our communities would never be able to support the undertakings and goings on.

This past weekend at the Holland Ice Gardens, there was a special guest at the game, who unbeknownst to him before he arrived, was being recognized for his volunteer support of the Pembina West U15 AA Holland Rockets.

Skyler Pearson is a man who has captured the hearts of many with his iron will, his huge heart and a smile that could melt diamonds. This volunteer was recognized for his diligent work over the past three years, being not only the team’s biggest supporter but also for promoting the team in a number of ways, including posting player profiles and scores during games, as well as giving game updates and scheduling news, keeping this team at the forefront on social media

I was able to speak with team Manager Eileen Leslie who is very grateful to Skyler and everything he has done for the team. This is Eileen’s last year as Manager and she wanted to be sure that Skyler got the recognition he deserved.

As a token of the team’s appreciation Neil Leslie and Shaun Grice were honoured to present Skyler with a card signed by all the players as well a a personalized jersey emblazoned with PEARSON and #11 which was his younger brother Max’s number when he played for the Rockets.

Although I wasn’t able to speak directly with Skyler before press time - that beaming smile you can clearly see in the photo really says it all!

Congratulations Skyler - you are one in a million and we love you for it!


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