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Contractor provides update on Ninette group-home construction

by Lawrence Lannoo

The contractor overseeing the construction of the new group home in Ninette said work on the building is on schedule for its completion date of April 1st.

Geoff Gregoire, co-owner of Contractor’s Corner from Brandon, said January 10th plumbers and electricians were at work in the structure, which will serve as a group home for Southwest Community Options, Inc..

He noted the tasks still to be completed included drywall, flooring, painting and kitchen work.

Gregoire has been involved in the creation or acquisition of a number of businesses in the Ninette area, he said.

“Four years ago, I came for a golf tournament at Pleasant Valley,” he remembered, “and I drove by the Pelican Lake Lounge and thought, ‘Wow, this is great.’

“I tracked down who owned it and I was lucky enough to buy it.”

Today, the Pelican Lake Lounge is managed Corlee Pushka, Gregoire’s partner.

A more recent purchase of Gregoire was about a city block of land northwest of the Grocery Box store, which sits at the corner of Highways 18 and 23.

As for his plans for the land, he said, “I am targeting a four-plex for May 1st. It will be slab living with 1200 square feet per unit.

“This is for people who want, one-level housing.”

Gregoire said community response to his ventures in the area has been mixed, with some not wanting too much new development in the area.

He challenges this attitude, saying his intention is to revitalize the town and the area so it is a desirable, safe and welcoming place for families to live and work.

“I see a ton of opportunity in Ninette,” he added, and I want to grow the town.”

He is also planning entering area politics by running for the position of Reeve for the Municipality of Prairie Lakes.


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