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Forbsy coaches 800th career High School game

by Gayle Johnson

There are some people that will shy away from accolades and the spotlight, with no want for recognition for anything they do.

Corey Forbes, or Forbsy as he is affectionately known, is one of those people who in his mind is just another guy doing his best and doesn’t want any fuss made over it.

On February 26, 2022 the Glenboro-Carberry-Baldur Wildcats played a home game against McCreary - the 800th Wildcats game since the beginning of Forbsy’s reign.

Coaching the Wildcats hasn’t always been easy, and there have been a few bumps along the way, but that is how great memories are made.

With a huge crowd in attendance, many of whom were alumni (players, parents and grandparents), the contribution of Coach Forbes was celebrated before the 800th game.

Ryan Diehl who has given many speeches over the years was honoured to be asked to share the following: (Slightly edited at the request of the writer).

“I do not have the data on the average coaching career of a High School Hockey Coach but my guess is that it is 1 to 2 years. Why? Because it is a huge time commitment, you spend half your winter traveling to rinks by car or bus, you arrange hotel rooms, find buses and drivers, you miss your own kid’s games, you deal with parents and fans that are all experts when it comes to hockey, and let’s not forget morning practices in the coldest rink in Manitoba.

Corey Forbes has done all of this since 2001.

Tonight he coaches his 800th game as Head Coach of the Wildcats. This is an incredible milestone.

Glenboro, Carberry, and Baldur Schools are so fortunate to have a dedicated Coach run their hockey program. He does this while being Co-President of the WHSHL, and has been the President of Glenboro Minor Sports since 2012.

I’m sure Coach Forbes could write a novel. Some of the chapter titles would include:

Chapter 1 - Life is a Highway - Bus trip disaster to Rapid City and no gift exchange with Neepawa.

Chapter 2 - Mitchy T - Mitchy, how long are you going to do this for? Mitchy replies - well until you die or I die.

Chapter 3 - The 50 Minute Hockey Game - Brandon ice times.

Chapter 4 - Coach Cheese - 2009 Provincials

Chapter 5 - Forbsy - Man of Few Words

The only Coach to ever get thrown out of a game for refusing to talk to a ref.”

Following this heartfelt speech, the Wildcats presented Coach Forbes with a red hockey stick signed by the current Wildcats team as well as a gift certificate. Coach Forbes was also presented with a gift from the McCreary team.

Forbsy stands tall among his peers.

Everyone was elated to see Coach Forbes get recognized for his selfless and longstanding contribution to not only the game of hockey but also the players he has mentored over the years.

Several alumni chimed in to say he taught them so many things, among them accountability and responsibility for their actions. He established the critical importance of mutual respect, good sportsmanship, team building, and work ethic, both on and off the ice, as well as the need for education.

Coach Forbes may not like the accolades or the spotlight, but sometimes those who have benefitted from years of his dedication and expertise just need to say thank you and let him know that he is truly appreciated.

Co-President of the Westman High School Hockey League, President of the Glenboro Minor Hockey Association, Coach of the Glenboro/Carberry/Baldur Wildcats, plus he is a full time teacher, husband to a very calm and patient wife, and dad to two incredible kids.

Thank you Coach Forbes. We are all looking forward to celebrating 1,000 games with you!

(FYI - the Wildcats won that 800th game)


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