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Baldur Community Gym adds some impressive equipment to its repertoire

by Gayle Johnson

Our beautiful Baldur Community Gym (Gym), has had some new equipment added to its repertoire!

Available to members 24/7, this gym rivals all other facilities - outfitted with two change rooms complete with showers and a large variety of equipment, it is considered cutting edge.

Grant Shewfelt, spokesperson for the Gym said, since it was opened in 2007, some of the original equipment has not been replaced, so when it was released that Building Sustainable Communities was open for grant submissions the Baldur Community Gym Committee seized the opportunity and quickly submitted an application.

Fortunately they were successful and shortly after being notified, committee member Lori Johnson and her son Jaden, began sourcing the equipment needed, and Everett Bros.Construction were hired to replace the entrance door allowing for problem free entrance to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The new Gym equipment was purchased through Fitness Experience in Winnipeg - who delivered and installed the gear. This company also generously gifted the Gym with two refurbished spin bikes.

Among the equipment purchased is - a Smith Machine, a multi-station cable machine, a leg press/back squat machine, and a new elliptical trainer.

There was also some rubber matting replaced and heavy dumb bells added.

If you are still just thinking about joining, it may be time to take the plunge and “just do it”.

Membership is very reasonable for this A+ Gym: Single - 1 month - $30; Single - 3 months - $80; Single - 6 months - $150; Single - 1 year - $250; Family - 6 months - $300; Family - 1 year - $400. Drop in fee per person - $5 per day.

For more information, please contact Lori Johnson at 204-535-2176.

This dedicated group of volunteers is always looking for new Committee members. Looking to join a fun group of people - consider joining the Baldur Community Gym Committee. For more information, Lori is the person to talk to.


View the PDF file of the paper under Online Edition. Subscribe to the online edition for $55.00 per year. Go to the "member signup" to start the process.

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